Voguen Lifestyle

Naz&Court is a brand for Voguens, a term we developed to describe committed environmentally conscious fashion consumers (like Vegans).  


Fast-fashion is on the rise. Presently the garment industry is saturated with synthetic fossil fuel fibers and chemically treated organic materials that are processed in facilities that spew harmful waste into the environment, contributing to carbon pollution, bio-hazardous waste, disease and much more.  To keep fast-fashion cheap, manufacturers cut costs that result in human suffering. In America, 97% of apparel manufacturing is outsourced, often in inhumane conditions where workers don’t receive a living wage. All of this for a bottom line.


We are inherently different because we are purists when it come to sourcing clean fabrics that are better for the planet.  We manufacture in Los Angeles, placing workers over profits, creating a sustainable lifestyle and boosting the local economy. Others claim a similar philosophy, but don’t live up to our strict standards of using only “Class A” fabrics that meet all of the Greenpeace Detox Catwalk requirements and United Nations 2016 Sustainable Development Goals for ending poverty.


Naz&Court is trusted solution for Voguens.


“Class A” Fabrics

Are mechanically recycled fibers, and USDA Organic natural fabrics that have low environmental impact on land, water, energy input, human toxicity, eco toxicity, and greenhouse gas.